WONDERPIEL Skin Care Dark Spot Corrector – Pale, 1 fl oz.

WONDERPIEL Skin Care Dark Spot Corrector – Pale, 1 fl oz.

WONDERPIEL Skin Care Dark Spot Corrector - Pale, 1 fl oz.


“Which of These Five Skin Troubles Would You Like To End?”

* Dark Spots and Discolorations

* Signs of Aging

* Dry Skin

* Wrinkles and Fine Lines

* Redness

Selected ingredients in this serum has been scientifically proven to reduce the effects of sun exposure on the skin, including sunburn, sun spots, redness and wrinkles. Paraben & sulfate-free, making it gentle on the skin. Due to the special formula, this lotion is a professional luxury antioxidant leaving your skin clear, soothed, and hydrated.

Daily use of serum is effective in reducing the appearance of unwanted pigment on the skin. Drastically decrease dark spots, blemishes and uneven tone.

Contains powerful antioxidants, proven to increase collagen synthesis. Facilitates the healing of minor cuts and wounds.

One Bottle, Multiple Benefits

* Decreases wrinkles & fine lines

* Removes dark spots

* Evens skin tone

* Smoothens skin texture

* Boosts collagen production

* Promotes younger-looking skin

* Absorbs rapidly MADE IN USA

* 90 Days 100% Money Back GUARANTEE

Order Your Bottle Of Luxury Dark Spot Corrector Serum Now While It’s Still In Stock And Consider Getting 2 For Uninterrupted Usage.

WONDERPIEL Skin Care Dark Spot Corrector - Pale, 1 fl oz.

  • Best dark spot corrector, age and sun spot remover for face. Stop hyperpigmentation and sun spots dead in their tracks with this cream to achieve a more youthful appearance and vibrant skin tone.
  • Best serum treatment protection for your skin from modern day air pollutants as antioxidants nourish and regenerate your skin cells, ensuring reduced wrinkles and improved skin elasticity.
  • Natural cream with glycolic acid for rapid whitening and lightening pigment gives you secret for glowing lips, face and body.
  • Universal formula can be used for bleaching on all skin types at any age: soothing, non-irritating ingredients work together to give your skin the radiant brightness and glow you desire, and can be used topically as well as generally.
  • Peace of mind and your satisfaction 100% guaranteed with our manufacturer’s policy: if you’re not 100% satisfied, for whatever reason, we’ll give you a full refund-and you can keep the bottle. No fuss or worries-just great service.

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