Bed Sore and Pressure Ulcer Protection Undershorts by GlideWear

Bed Sore and Pressure Ulcer Protection Undershorts by GlideWear

Bed Sore and Pressure Ulcer Protection Undershorts by GlideWear

Finally, a Pressure Sore Solution

Say goodbye to bedsores and pressure ulcers for good

Do you or a loved one suffer from pressure sores on your buttocks or tailbone? Then you know they’re painful, debilitating, and difficult to heal. Left untreated, bedsores can lead to months of bed rest and even hospitalization.

Fortunately, there’s finally a pressure sore solution that works — a solution that’s focused on healing existing bedsores, and preventing new ones from forming.

The Ultimate Bedsore Solution

GlideWear Bedsore Protection Undershorts use a patented technology to protect skin and reduce the friction that causes bedsores. Unlike other bedsore products, Undershorts are durable, washable, and reusable.

“I immediately felt a difference in how my skin felt after getting into my wheelchair in the morning… I have noticed a significant reduction in red marks on my skin and heat rash bumps were all but gone. I have since ordered six additional pairs.” — Jason in Minnesota

GlideWear Undershorts are ideal for:

+ Elderly people with limited mobility who spend much of the day in bed, sitting, or in a wheelchair

+ Wheelchair users who have redness, pain, or bedsores on the buttocks or tailbone

+ People recovering from surgery who are temporarily bed-bound

Say Goodbye to Pressure Sores

When you buy GlideWear Undershorts, you’re not just buying a pair of underwear. You’re buying a medical tool that can help you prevent a painful, debilitating bedsore.¬†Remember, if you get one pressure sore, you’re at a higher risk for getting another one in the future.

You don’t have to go another week or month with painful bedsores. Don’t wait. Invest in a long-term pressure sore solution – buy GlideWear Undershorts today.

$ 54.99

Bed Sore and Pressure Ulcer Protection Undershorts by GlideWear

  • GET LASTING PROTECTION from painful bedsores, pressure ulcers, and redness caused by prolonged sitting in wheelchairs, surgery recovery, or extended bed stay.
  • COMFORT AND QUALITY. Silk-like, breathable fabric prevents moisture and heat buildup against the skin. Patented technology reduces friction and protects skin. Made with pride in the USA from 50% nylon, 28% rayon, 12% cotton, 10% spandex (latex-free).
  • EASY TO USE, CAREGIVER APPROVED. Put them on and take them off as you would any other undergarment. Designed so that a paraplegic can easily put them on and taken them off without assistance. Caregivers and healthcare providers can easily get them on and off patients.
  • DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND. Designed for wheelchair users, people with spinal cord injury, people recovering from surgery, and bed-bound seniors. Also great for people who have had flap surgery for decubitus ulcers.
  • DURABLE AND MACHINE WASHABLE. High-quality Undershorts are made in the USA — and made to last. They are easy to care for. Just toss them in the wash with your other laundry. Package contains ONE pair of Undershorts. Extra Large size fits 40-42″ (100-105 cm) waist

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